Dear all,

We thankyou for your understanding as we navigate new territory under COVID-19 notification circumstances. As many of you are aware St Monica’s Secondary College was closed and returned to on-line learning this week in response to a teacher testing positive to COVID-19. This is a large school and prompt action was taken.

As we have players who are connected with St Monica’s, and with a need to make a decision about training on what was limited information to start with, the executive committee decided to suspend training this week. Since Sunday evening, more information has come to light and our President, Danny Yacoub consulted with the NFNL yesterday. A response process for any future disclosures from players or parents was determined at an executive committee meeting last night.

When a disclosure is made of a positive COVID-19, the DHHS send information to considered ‘close-contacts’. Close contacts who are notified are to isolate in their homes – at this stage this applies to the individual close contact, not the family and friends of the close contact. More specific information is available on the DHHS website.

Training will continue to be suspended for this week to allow for any further information to come to light. It will resume again on Monday 29th June for all players who are not in individual isolation as a result of the St Monica’s disclosure. Please be assured that it was only a few players who were notified as a possible close-contact and the families have followed the protocols from the DHHS.

The necessary precaution at all times is that no player or adult attend training if they are unwell, and adults ensure social distancing at all times.

The protocols for any future incident:

Step 1: Club Secretary is notified of a positive test – this could be a player directly or a member of their family.

Step 2: Any players, adults associated with the club who are notified by the DHHS as a close contact for any positive test, also notify the Club Secretary.

Step 3: Any person who has received a positive test, or who is notified as a close contact does not attend any training or games until cleared according to the DHHS protocols.

Step 4: Any player, adult associated with the club who obtains a COVID-19 test, does not attend any training or games until they receive a positive notification, or if negative follow Step 1.

The next few weeks will be busy as we set-up for footy starting on 12th July. Please read the memo from the NFNL sent to clubs yesterday outlining how a club should respond to a notification from a school or individual.

We continue to be adaptable to the circumstances and committed to supporting our kids to play football.

Being calm and acting on accurate information is key for all of us – particularly as adults we role model how to respond to our children.

Look forward to seeing you back at training next week!


Julia Wake,

on behalf of MPFC Executive Committee.